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Scientific Advisory Committee

In the Committee both food expertise, product technology and knowledge and expertise relating to consumer behaviour are represented. The Committee's secretariat is headed by RIVM.

The Scientific Advisory Committee was set up by the Minister for Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS).

The Scientific Advisory Committee assesses the chain agreements as regards their ambitions and relevance and gives its opinion about agreements made previously by the product sectors. If a product sector does not conclude agreements or concludes these tardily with regard to the ambitions set, the Scientific Advisory Committee will propose maximum contents. These are then submitted to the Steering Group for consultation.

The Scientific Advisory Committee advises the Steering Group.

Composition of the Scientific Advisory Committee



Prof.dr.ir. A.J. (Jantine) Schuit

Chair of the Committee

Prof.dr.ir. R.P. (Ronald) Mensink

Nutritional expert

Dr. P.M.T. (Peter) de Kok

Product knowledge - sensory

Dr. R.W. (Ronald) Visschers

Product knowledge - technology

Dr. C. (Charon) Zondervan

Product knowledge

Prof.dr.ir. J.C.M. (Hans) van Trijp

Consumer behaviour

Ms. Dr. D.A.W. Wolvers

Nutritional expert

As part of the code aimed at preventing improper influence as a result of a conflict of interest all the members of the Scientific Advisory Committee have filled in a Declaration of Interests. View Declaration of Interests (in Dutch).